Appointment Setting Telemarketing/Canvassing For Solar Companies

The following information is provided to help you close sales to thousands of solar companies. 

Google solar companies in the US and look at the possibilities  you have. They all are hurting for leads.

You have what they need as you will see below. Don't wait until someone else sells them. Start today!

Appointment Setting Pitch for Solar Companies

 Hello, is this Mr./Mrs.____________? This is _________  from __________.

 I understand your time is very important. Therefore, if you would allow me just 2 minutes to share with you, something of interest to all homeowners in  (____City/ Area____) , our company will reward you - with a free vacation voucher - for 3 days and 2 nights accommodations at a major hotel Casino on the strip in Las Vegas or 50 other resort destinations.
At the end of the 2 minutes,  you can either say you're not interested, or that you would like to receive more information. Either way, the vacation voucher, valued at up to $200, is yours as a free gift for allowing me two minutes of your time.  I think you'll find that this information will be very valuable if you ever do consider solar for your home in the future. Thank you and this starts my 2 minutes.

As you know, electricity prices have been rising an average of about 6.7% a year, with a 20% jump in just the last three years.  The only way that homeowners, such as yourself, can stop this never ending yearly increase,  is to switch to the benefits of  solar energy.

The problem is  -  there are too many questions  - as to the cost of switching - versus the savings - to make the change. Well, good news. The average price of a solar panel has declined by 60% in just the last 3 years, so the cost of going solar has never been more affordable.

There are programs available, with no out of pocket costs to the homeowner, for a complete solar installation. The  government  pays 30% of the cost for a solar installation in federal tax credits and there are State and local rebates to save homeowners even more.

Adding solar is no longer considered an expense, because it's now an investment.  Dollar for dollar, solar adds way more value than remodeling a kitchen or  bathroom. The savings is instantaneous and the return is infinite as it pays for itself many times over. And the solar payments will be less than you're now paying for electricity so there is no risk.

Solar energy will also increase your home’s value and make it more attractive should you decide to sell  in the future. In fact,  a home with solar sells 20% faster than a home without solar. If you had the choice of buying a 3 bedroom 3 bath home with solar and no electric bill, or buying the same home with a $300 monthly electric bill, you would take the one with solar, as it would SAVE you over $45,000 in just 10 years and that's if electricity  increased just  5% each year.
You can now purchase, lease or finance solar for your home and we would be happy to explain each and every option and how they would best fit your exact situation. There are even options where you save from the 1st month and you would have no payments for 12 months on your solar system.

Well, my 2 minutes is  up -  so would you like to receive more information such as: 

How much money you will save with a solar system over what you are currently paying for electricity?  How much are the rebates and tax incentives? How much will solar add to your home's market value?  The different options on solar installation for homeowners in your area?   What are the different financing options available such as leasing vs. financing vs. purchasing outright.  All of course with absolutely no obligation whatsoever?

Wait for their response, answer their questions and book the appointment.

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