An overview of our distributorship model from the past 30 years. 

The model that we used for over 30 years, was where our distributors were able to purchase all of our incentives for just 10 cents each. Our distributors would get an order from a business and place the order on our distributor website  Each certificate was custom printed and coded with a distributor ID and shipped the same day. They sold those incentives to the businesses at a higher price and earned the difference on the upfront sale and they were paid a commission each time one of their certificates were redeemed. However, starting in the year 2000, we offered a new model to a select group of 25 distributors that had been with us for several years. Those select distributors were offered a license agreement where they could sell unlimited electronic certificates to businesses and earn 100% of the upfront money plus the commissions when those certificates were redeemed.  Several of those distributors including William Watkins, Keith Monen, Mike Bromell, Mike Atkinson, Val Smyth, Steven Horwitz, Bud Somers, Gabriel Ichim, Bill Toomey, Kim Clarke, Warren Lindley, David Lemieux, Al Romaine, Bruce Girard, Lauren Demitri and Terry Kuschill were able to earn 6 figure income with this electronic certificate model. 

Starting in 2014,  we opened that same electronic program to all distributors.  

Let's take a look at this new electronic program

What if you were able to offer thousands of businesses a license agreement where they could offer an unlimited amount of our incentive offers to their customers for just $100 per year?  Many of our distributor charge $200 a year.

What if  you were able to keep 100% of that money on the front end? Just one sale per day at $100 each would be $36,500 or $73,000 with just one sale per day at $200 each.

What if you were able to earn a commission on every certificate that is redeemed by their customers. One certificate redeemed per week from 100 businesses would be 400 redemptions per month. That pays $1600 per month in commissions on the back end to you. (400 @ $4 each)

Could you earn a 6 figure income if you had this program? 

Let's take a look at how easy this is to do. I am going to choose an industry that you probably would never think of selling to. Junk Yards! You find them in every city that has a population of 50,000 or 1,000,000. It's a very competitive business and each car is worth $300 to $3000 in parts to that junk yard. Copy and paste the following phrase, in any search engine.

Junk your car free vacation

Your results will be hundreds of sites offering free vacations for junk cars. A few of my distributors are making lots of money selling to them.

Here is a simple pitch to get several sales a day. "Mr. Junk Yard Owner, when your customers look in the Yellow Pages, Yelp, Craig's List or just Google "Junk Yards" for your area, everything shows you and all of your competitors on the same pages. In reality, someone looking for a junk yard goes: Eenie, meenie, miney, moe and just picks any one of you. If your ad offered every customer that junks their car or purchases parts for a car, a free vacation certificate for 3 days and 2 nights accommodations in 50 resort destinations, you would out pull all of your competition. What if I told you that if you added the free vacation to your advertisements and you got just one extra customer a year that it would pay for itself. Actually, offering your customers a free vacation certificate, will probably get you an extra customer per day. How much would that be worth over a 12 month period? How much will this cost you to be able to offer free vacation certificates to every customer? Just $100 for an unlimited amount of vacation certificates for 12 full months."

If Mr. Junk Yard hesitates you simply say, that's alright if you don't want the offer, I'll just call the next junk yard in your area. This usually cinches the sale. 

For your information, the distributors have sold this program to less than 1% of the junk yards in the United States. Google junk yards in your city and see if you find any of them offering a free vacation certificate. That would be a place for you to start earning money today. 

​Another industry that is buying this $100 electronic program is the solar industry.There are thousands of solar companies in every state and they are all in need of an incentive to get people to listen to their presentation. Call centers setting appointments for solar leads state that 70% of the customers hang up within the first 20 seconds once they mention solar. We have distributors that can provide a presentation that gets 70% of the customers to listen. Click here to see that presentation and why it works. You will simply change that presentation to show your phone number at the end and you are ready to get started. Pretend someone called you with that pitch. Would you give them 2 minutes? That same presentation will work in any telemarketing industry and that includes thousands of home improvement companies such as carpet cleaning, windows and doors, roofing, air conditioning, etc. Craig's List alone has over 10,000 ads for telemarketers. How many can you reach and sell this Electronic Incentive program to?

Other ways our distributors are selling this Electronic Incentive offer and making hundreds every day!  

MLM companies! There are thousands of them out there and there are millions of people signed up to promote their products. Just go to and you will find millions of videos promoting various MLM's. Most of them use email blasts to millions of people every day to come see their business opportunity. You can get them to offer everyone a free vacation certificate just for viewing their video. Since they have to send the free vacation certificate via email, they will be capturing the email address of every person that views their video. That alone is worth more than the $100 they have to pay you for the 12 month period. 

Tax preparers. Another very competitive business you will find in every city in the country. They all need an edge and you can offer it to them for $100 a year. If they add one client in 12 months, it will pay for itself. 

Fund raisers! Again an industry in every city in the country. From soccer, boy scouts, little league, animal rights, veteran, homeless, churches, etc. A free vacation certificate for any donation at just $100 per year with unlimited vacations. Google this phrase:  Donate your car free vacation      Hundreds of sales are being made every week to fundraising companies. You probably have many in your own city as every city has fundraisers. 

Your own local businesses in your city that have to compete every day with their competitors. Oil change co's, smog companies, etc. At $100 per year they will pay you today. 

Lead generation companies. Google lead generation companies in any industry. They already pay for their many platforms to gather leads and sell them to hundreds of businesses. They all need a great incentive to get people to pick them so they can get the lead to sell to the business. 

Need more ideas? Call us at 661-722-2882 as we have thousands of distributors making money every day.

How much will it cost you to get into this Electronic Incentive program

as one of our exclusive distributors?

Just $100 a year. Yes, you pay $100 per year and that allows you to use an unlimited amount of all of our incentive certificates to use in your own businesses.

1. Next, it also allows you to sell the license rights, to as many businesses as you can for $100-$200 each. You keep 100% of that money. You will also be paid $2 to $5 on every redemption from all those certificates. Commissions are paid by check once a month. You will receive a list of your customers and a check for the total commission for the month. Commissions under $100 will roll to the next month. 

2. We will not only provide the license agreement to everyone you sell it to, we also provide the Electronic PDF certificates custom printed for each business and place your code on each of those certificates so you will receive the commissions. 

3. We will remind you each time you have a merchant that has reached 11 months so you can renew them for another year. 

4. We can also build you a website to offer the license rights to businesses if you need.

Call us for information on a website of your own. 

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