Appointment Setting Telemarketing/Canvassing For Solar Companies
Overview of Challenges

The following information is provided to help you close sales to thousands of solar companies. 

Google solar companies in the US and look at the possibilities  you have. They all are hurting for leads.

You have what they need as you will see below. Don't wait until someone else sells them. Start today!

Many things must come together to eventually close a solar system sale. However, it all starts with the ability to complete a simple two minute presentation, filled with benefits, which will lead to an in-home appointment.

Most pitches begin with information about the company with no mention of what the benefits are for the prospect. Therefore, 70% of all prospects say, "I am not interested," in the first 20 seconds!  They hang up without hearing one benefit for themselves.  The reality is, nearly all homeowners have been contacted by other solar companies but they never listened long enough to even hear one benefit.  Therefore, the following presentation will allow your office to rework leads, where they offered no incentive to the prospect to listen for just 2 minutes and they hung up before hearing the important benefits.

A proper presentation should not be self centered on the company. A prospect must hear, "what's in it for me."

                                                This pitch begins with two key things for the prospect:

A Free Vacation Certificate (from Cash Saver a  company with a AAA rating with the BBB for 20 years which books directly with hotels and no timeshare.)  

Important information homeowners need to know about their electric bills, incentives and benefits of switching to solar.  

The following presentation will relax the prospects by assuring them it will take just two short minutes of their time to get these things.  It also gives them the power to say, “No.” right up front!

Then, more prospects will give you permission to speak, because they feel you have given them more control.  Actually, they have ultimate control anyway, so you gain trust and credibility by acknowledging that fact right away.

Most pitches give the prospect little or no control so the prospect is forced to opt out in less than fifteen seconds with the dreaded statement: "I'm not interested."   Then, all you can say is, “But…”   By then, it’s too late.

You could have been giving away free gold bars but they hung up without hearing your offer.

The benefits for homeowners to switch to solar are - without a doubt - the strongest benefits that any product could have. However, If you can't get them to listen long enough to explain those benefits you won't get the appointment.  It's as simple as that.  

The following presentation will overcome those challenges and set more appointments per hour in a respectful and professional manner.

The telemarketer/canvasser will be happier, the prospect will trust you more, and the company will prosper.  This is truly a Win – Win – Win opportunity for everyone.  

Appointment Setting Pitch for Solar Companies

 Hello, is this Mr./Mrs.____________? This is _________  from __________.

 I understand your time is very important. Therefore, if you would allow me just 2 minutes to share with you, something of interest to all homeowners in  (____City/ Area____) , our company will reward you - with a free vacation voucher - for 3 days and 2 nights accommodations at a major hotel Casino on the strip in Las Vegas or 50 other resort destinations.
At the end of the 2 minutes,  you can either say you're not interested, or that you would like to receive more information. Either way, the vacation voucher, valued at up to $200, is yours as a free gift for allowing me two minutes of your time.  I think you'll find that this information will be very valuable if you ever do consider solar for your home in the future. Thank you and this starts my 2 minutes.

As you know, electricity prices have been rising an average of about 6.7% a year, with a 20% jump in just the last three years.  The only way that homeowners, such as yourself, can stop this never ending yearly increase,  is to switch to the benefits of  solar energy.

The problem is  -  there are too many questions  - as to the cost of switching - versus the savings - to make the change. Well, good news. The average price of a solar panel has declined by 60% in just the last 3 years, so the cost of going solar has never been more affordable.

There are programs available, with no out of pocket costs to the homeowner, for a complete solar installation. The  government  pays 30% of the cost for a solar installation in federal tax credits and there are State and local rebates to save homeowners even more.

Adding solar is no longer considered an expense, because it's now an investment.  Dollar for dollar, solar adds way more value than remodeling a kitchen or  bathroom. The savings is instantaneous and the return is infinite as it pays for itself many times over. And the solar payments will be less than you're now paying for electricity so there is no risk.

Solar energy will also increase your home’s value and make it more attractive should you decide to sell  in the future. In fact,  a home with solar sells 20% faster than a home without solar. If you had the choice of buying a 3 bedroom 3 bath home with solar and no electric bill, or buying the same home with a $300 monthly electric bill, you would take the one with solar, as it would SAVE you over $45,000 in just 10 years and that's if electricity  increased just  5% each year.
You can now purchase, lease or finance solar for your home and we would be happy to explain each and every option and how they would best fit your exact situation. There are even options where you save from the 1st month and you would have no payments for 12 months on your solar system.

Well, my 2 minutes is  up -  so would you like to receive more information such as: 

How much money you will save with a solar system over what you are currently paying for electricity?  How much are the rebates and tax incentives? How much will solar add to your home's market value?  The different options on solar installation for homeowners in your area?   What are the different financing options available such as leasing vs. financing vs. purchasing outright.  All of course with absolutely no obligation whatsoever?

Wait for their response, answer their questions and book the appointment.

Set an appointment for an energy expert to visit their home, analyze the roof, explain the different options, savings and rebates available.  If they refuse to set an appointment, we would simply come back and tell them we can still give them an estimate on what they could save on their electric bill every month, the different options on solar system purchases and leases by email. We could look at their home's roof with Google Maps and analyze their monthly electric bills and get back to them by phone. We need their email address to send a form for them to list each months electric bill. This will keep the lead alive to still set an appointment later. If they do not set an appointment now, we need their email address to send them their vacation certificate electronically. If they set the appointment, the energy expert will deliver it when he shows up with more information.

                                                    Ideas that may help you in setting appointments

You should have 2 goals that you are always trying to reach when you speak to a prospect.

1. Your immediate goal and your ultimate goal.  Think that way and you'll always stay focused. The reason this is important is that it will impact how you respond to objections.

            A. The immediate goal is to ALWAYS move forward in your presentation.

            B. The ultimate goal is to SET an appointment.

To become the best appointment setter, always go over this thought before starting any presentation:  A sale is going to surely take place right now. Either I will sell the prospect or the prospect is going to sell me." There are no other outcomes.

After every objection you must smile and agree. Well,  you've got a good point but on the other hand other homeowners have found....or, I understand your concern...That was true at one time, but now.... May I ask you a couple of questions? Always move forward in your presentation. Even if they absolutely refuse you can revert to getting their email address to send more information as you will see at the bottom of the pitch. That keeps your immediate goal alive and you can still move forward.

                               AN OBJECTION IS NOT A REJECTION. It is simply a request for more information.

An objection to a telemarketer/ canvasser is like a punch for a fighter. Both go into the competition knowing he will get punched several times before he wins.  The link between boxing and selling boils down into one word: Determination. A determined sales person won’t stop at an objection. They condition themselves mentally to anticipate punches and to gather enough strength just in case they fall down.   “Life is like a boxing match – defeat is declared not when you fall, but when you refuse to get up.”

                                                        Overcome the objection and get back on your feet!

Solar objection number one:  “We don’t have the cash to purchase solar or we can’t afford solar at this time."

 Response: Can you afford not to?  These days the solar lease makes it virtually a slam dunk to get into solar power without any cash up front.  Your monthly payment for solar will be lower than you are now paying for electricity.   So why not put it toward a solar system investment that you will eventually OWN, rather than continue to pay your utility company for energy you will never own?

 Solar objection number two:  “Solar prices are  too high; we want to wait until prices come down”.

Response:  A few years ago I would have agreed, but  solar panel prices have come down in price.  In fact  the cost of solar has come down 60-70% in less than five years, and with the large state and federal subsidies that have ratcheted down the cost of solar even more,  this is the best time to invest in solar.  A year from now  you may be paying the same price for a solar panel but if the state and federal rebates and incentives go away, you may be paying as much as $20,000 more than you would pay today with those rebates.

Solar objection number three: “We have been told that our roof structure cannot handle the heavy weight of the solar panels being installed on top of it”.

Response: The facts are that most solar panels weigh about three pounds per square foot; much less that than the weight of 170 pound man walking directly on your roof. These days, solar panels are being constructed with lighter weight material in response to helping rooftops become “solar ready”, and without triggering any costly structural code retrofit compliance issues for the buyer. Solar can also be installed on the ground and we will look at that possibility also.

Solar objection number 4:  I think we'll pass at this time:

Response: Not getting into solar now could be a big mistake if the tax incentives go away. You will be paying over 30% more without the tax rebate. One thing that will not go away are the yearly increases if you stay connected to the utility company.  If you pay $200 a month now in electricity. That same bill increased just 5% a year for the next 15 years means you will be paying $4752 per year just for electricity. If your bill is $300 per month now, it will be $7126 per year in 15 years. More than double. With solar, there are no increases in electricity from now on.

Never ask questions that can be answered with yes or no. Once you get a no you have lost the appointment unless you are very good at building rapport. Ask only open ended questions such as:

1. What kind of return do you think solar can provide for you?

2. Why haven't you purchased solar before?

3. What do you know about the cost of a solar system?

4. How long have you been thinking about going solar?

5. What prevented you from buying solar earlier?

6. How much value do you think solar would add to your home if your home produced its own electricity?

Listen carefully to the answers and you can now build rapport by validating their points with information and benefits that resonate with their beliefs.

Open ended questions invite the prospect to share more details with you so you can help him solve his wants and needs. These answers also help you overcome any objectives that may come later.

There are 2 types of prospects that purchase solar. Identify the one you are pitching with your open ended questions and build a rapport based on what their needs are.

1. Environmentalist :  If you ask an environmentalist what he hopes solar can do for him:

                  They  answer, get his electricity without pollution. Reduce carbon footprint. Leave the world a better place than he found it. Get electricity naturally from the sun.

When you hear clues like that you respond with: A solar system is clean, silent, has no emissions and after 30 years leaves no trace it was ever here. Solar has never polluted rivers or streams.  Solar energy has never started a war and if there was ever a huge solar spill it would be called a sunny day.  That is building a rapport and keeps you both on the same page for closing the sale. You have the solution to satisfy his needs.

2. Pocket book budget person:  If you ask a pocketbook budget person what he hopes solar can do for him:

                  They  answer: Get their electric bill down. Stop the yearly electricity increases. Get his home budget under control. Increase the value of his home. Reduce or eliminate his utility bill. And of course, with no risk on his part.

When you hear clues like that you respond with: A solar system is the only home improvement that pays for itself a multiple of times over. Dollar for dollar, solar adds more value than a new kitchen, deck or bathroom. If you buy a solar system with no money down, the savings is instantaneous and the return is infinite as it pays for itself many times over. And the solar payments will be less than you're now paying for electricity. A solar system has no moving parts, designed to sit out in the 4 seasons elements and still perform reliability for 20 years. There is no risk factor by going solar as you start saving the 1st month. Why buy electricity from a utility company when you can own your own solar plant?

Your office could be offering free vacation certificates to every prospect within 24 hours. Your cost for an unlimited supply of vacation certificates is less than $10 per month. Your first 15 days supply is free to test this incentive offer.   Call: 661-722-2882  to get started today.

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